Practice Camp Workshop
Practice Camp Workshop
Practice Camp Workshop
Practice Camp Workshop
Practice Camp Workshop

Practice Camp Workshop

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Does practice make perfect? We will be addressing this question and MUCH more in this workshop. Able to use with any instrument, Practice Makes Perfect or Does It includes over 4 hours of lesson plans for you to use to hold a successful workshop with your students. (Or split it up into several group lessons, etc.) I personally use this workshop with mine every few years. (see preview)
For more details, please take a couple minutes to watch this *video*.
This resource includes:
Lesson Plans (over 4+ hours)
Guideline for Common Practice Flaws and Solutions
Crafts and Snack Ideas
A Practice Game
Motivational Posters
Supporting Worksheets
*A reproducible student practice workbook (also sold separately)
3 Versions of the workbook are included:
- Practice Workbook
- Adult Practice Workbook
- Self Study Practice Workbook
*Inside the student practice workbook you will find:
Note to Student
Practice Steps Checklist
Practice Tips
Practice Diary
Practice Schedule
Practice Goals and Reflection (Weekly)
Practice Goals (Monthly)
Reflection (Monthly)
Year End Reflection
Musical Self Assessment (Beginning, Middle and End of Year)
Personal Performance Evaluation (Pre and Post)
Just for Fun Coloring Pages
I do use a few "extra" resources that are not included in this workshop (available through Amazon or TpT). While you certainly can still use the workshop without them, I would highly recommend getting them if you don't have them already.
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***Please do not lower your rating if a video link is not working. Instead, contact me via the Q&A or email found in the TOU file. I do go in periodically to test them, but as you know videos online can be removed at anytime without my knowledge. So it is a HUGE help when I am notified! Thank you! And enjoy!***
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