Print & Play Piano Membership Information

Print & Play Piano Membership Information

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I bet you're tired of the constant digging and looking around for resources, looking at the vast majority of songbooks, methods, games, activities, making your head spin!

You're using that time looking for resources when you could be planning the most awesome lessons and classes for your students.

You're using that time you could be sprucing up your teaching space and making kiddos feel welcome.

You're using that sweet, precious time you could be using the kickback and RELAX!

Still with me? Good. I'm proud to introduce a new membership from ZS Music Publishing, made for the busy music teacher that you are!

Say hello to Print & Play Piano membership that, each month, will send you a PDF that will help you build your teaching library with resources you can use with your students. These PDF's include Songbooks, Games, Rhythm Activities, and Worksheets sent on a rotational basis.

The membership is $5 per month, you can join or cancel at anytime. As a member, you will also receive a list of upcoming PDF's to help you plan your lessons, and you can see previous PDF's that you can purchase and get caught up with everything! Please note, this PDF is for information and contains a sign-up link. This is not the membership itself.

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