Something Beautiful - Studio License
Something Beautiful - Studio License

Something Beautiful - Studio License

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"Something Beautiful" - from The Backyard Suite

Something Beautiful was inspired when an unexpected illness temporarily left me with no movement in my left hand. As I sat feeling very discouraged, I suddenly realized the beautiful scene that surrounded me: The fields around my home were covered in bright sunflowers swaying in the summer breeze, above them was a blue cloudless sky, and pollen softly floated through the air. The words “God always sends something beautiful” came to my mind. Days later, when movement began to return in my left hand, I wrote this piece using an Alberti bass pattern which was the only movement I could get out of those fingers. This piece is a reminder to me that even in our hardest trials, we can always find something beautiful.

Listen Here:

  • Format: PDF Instand Download
  • Pages: 2 Pages and Cover Art
  • Level: Advanced
  • Terms of Use: Studio License
  • Bonus: 11'' x 17'' PDF for printing folded professional music sheets which students and pianists love.

Composer's Notes:

Inspired by the beautiful world that surrounds us, “The Backyard Suite" is a collection of advanced piano solos that depict the small wonders that are found in our own backyards.

I would love to hear about your personal experience with this piece of music.

From my hands to yours, Enjoy!

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