Stop Motion Animation Camp Workshop

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Stop Motion Animation is a workshop (or camp) with over 8 hours of lesson plans to use with your students.
Stop motion brings static objects to life on screen and is an old technique that is still used on occasion today. Students will create their story, learn how to create short animated sequences and bring their stop motion movie to life with music, optional sound effects and narration!
Because these lesson plans include YouTube and Vimeo links there may be times the links will no longer be available. Please send me a quick email (available on TOU page) to let me know so I can replace the link with another option. You are also welcome to find your own options as well.
This lesson plan is completely adaptable. If you feel you need to spend more time on an activity, do it! Add, delete, adjust as you see fit! I found that some of my groups took longer on some things while others didn't take as long, so think of these lesson plans as a rough estimate and adapt as needed.
Please Note: I use the Stop Motion Studio app with my students during this workshop. It is available through Apple store or Google Play. I highly recommend this app as it is very versatile and can do everything you would need to do if you get the paid version. It is a super good deal with all that it can do! I highly recommend it and include an in depth video tutorial of the app.
Happy Creating!
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