Summer 2014

Summer 2014

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5 Alternatives to the December Recital

While December/May recitals are wonderful traditions, looking for non-traditional performance opportunities for your students can add so much value to what you offer in your studio. The more you can help your students get in front of people to play, the more at ease they will be playing for others. And there is nothing like an upcoming performance to spur students on to practice!

Music Giveaway - Blues

Are you looking for a fun way to practice chords? Transpose the basic blues pattern (see Teaching 12 Bar Blues to Inspire Beginners in the May issue) into different keys and you have hands on practice for finding I, IV and V chords as well as chord practice.

App Review - SightReadPlus & SightReadMinor

"Sightreading" is an acquired skill. But how do our students progress in such a skill (unless, or course, each week they come to lessons unprepared and wing it!)? One solution is an app called SightReadPlus and its partner app, SightReadMinor!. They allow students and their teachers to quickly assess progress by providing progressive sightreading exercises/drills for each student.

Meet Jennifer Foxx: Foxx Piano Studio Resources

Whether reviewing apps and other technology that can be used in your piano studio, providing opportunities to win many of the products she reviews, or giving a voice to new bloggers or teachers who might have something to say but do not have a blog, Jennifer Foxx and Foxx Piano Studio Resources is a blog worth following.

KiddyKeys: a Closer Look at One Pre-Piano Program

One program in particular kept coming up - KiddyKeys. And those who said they were teaching this program had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. None of the other programs mentioned had nearly the vocal support. That really got my attention. So after a visit to the KiddyKeys website (www.KiddyKe( I filled out the contact form and in no time at all had more detailed information about the program in my hands.

Striking the Right Note Online...

Besides keeping your stress levels and to-do list in check at recital time, your website can be your communication hub throughout the year. Use it to let your students know about upcoming local events of interest, or audition and scholarship opportunities. Use it to remind students and parents when you’re on vacation, or when you'll have a visiting teacher in for some Master Classes, read Susanna Perkin's article 'Striking the Right Note Online...'

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