Piano Improvisation Beginner - The Penta Adventure

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LEVEL Late Beginner
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

The Penta Adventure will take your students on 10 fun, exciting Quests that will teach them how to improvise on the piano.

They will enjoy smooth travels through the stages of each Quest to their destination Solos where they will improvise along with rich, orchestrated backing tracks.

The Adventure Map will keep track of your students' progress and the Adventure Challenge Games are a fun way to test and extend their skills at the end of their travels.

Get ready to unlock your students' creativity as they discover musical freedom with this comprehensive programme.

This is a digital download studio licence purchase.  It includes The Penta Adventure PDF (227 pages).

Teachers are saying ...

"The Penta Adventure is a great idea with a theme both boys and girls will enjoy. I teach jazz improvisation and this is an excellent preparation pathway." Melissa Mitchell, Managing Director, Australian Music Conservatory, Qld.

"The Penta Adventure Book isn't JUST what my students needed, it's also what I needed! While I can read music at a very high level, improvising has always been a daunting task. I think this is the perfedct improvisation tool for students, I love how this book scaffolds skills and makes improvisation as approachable task especially for visual learners. " Macy Fox, Fox Music Instruction, USA.


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