Issue 64 - January 2019

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Teaching Blues to Develop Creativity and Hand Independence - Part 2

Last month I began to walk through a series of blues pieces | teach to all of my students. I continue the series this month introducing a variation on one of the pieces from last month plus multiple variations on everything that has been taught so far (this is where it begins to get fun for both teacher and student). You can read more in Teaching Blues to Develop Creativity and Hand Independence - Part 2.

Using Your Mind's Eye for Imprinting Scales

Finally Michael Katz is back with his column Play to Learn: Let's Play! This month he has a really interesting exercise for playing scales with both hands. Be sure to take a look! - a Growing Online Conference

Conference attendance can be a great way to grow professionally, but it can also be very expensive. Conference fees, airfare, hotel, food... it all adds up making attendance at a conference cost prohibitive for many teachers. That's where comes in. Each February, MusicEdConnect hosts an online conference in February (this year it is February 1 and 2). Cost is under $200 and in addition to the option of attending live during certain online sessions, you also have access to all sessions for the remainder of the years. If you aren't familiar with this conference, you can learn more when you read - a Growing Online Conference.

5 Ways to Invest in Yourself This Year - Without Breaking the Bank

Traditionally the start of a new calendar year is a time of reflection. What things are going well in your life that you want to continue? What would you like to change, get rid of, or do differently? One thing I have learned is trying to make big changes often means no change takes place. Just as we have our students take small steps to reach their final goal, so we need to allow ourselves to make small changes in our lives in order to see the big changes we desire. With that thought in mind, I put together 5 Ways to Invest in Yourself This Year - Without Breaking the Bank. Not only are these small changes, they are inexpensive or free!

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