Issue 58 - July 2018

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Let's Play Music - Every Piano Dilemma Solved

A few weeks ago, a teacher friend called me to ask me my thoughts on a preschool music program called Let's Play Music. To be honest, I knew nothing about it at the time and so began researching. What I saw had me seriously considering getting licensed to teach this program (if I can figure out where I have time in my schedule!) Learn more about Let's Play Music and how you can add this thorough and lucrative program when you read Let's Play Music - Every Piano Dilemma Solved (This program is for more than just preschoolers. )

Notes with Nick By Nick Ambrosino and Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Nick Ambrosino is back this month with more teaching advice in his column Notes with Nick and Michael Katz shares an original piece of music he has written along with ideas on how he uses it in his studio in Play to Learn: Let's Play!

Is Work-Life Balance an Achievable Goal (Or Should You Even Be Trying to Achieve It?)

When you own your own business (and piano teaching is no exception), balancing the demands of home and work can be a major challenge at times. It is easy to let your family or personal life take a back seat to teaching. But it doesn't need to be that way. This is often referred to has finding Work-Life Balance. I recently ran across and article that got me to re-thinking some things. Is ‘Work-Life Balance an Achievable Goal (or Should You Even Be Trying to Achieve It?) examines the idea of working towards Work-Life Balance and shares some tips on how to achieve the life you really want.

Review: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Are you tired of trying to get your students to change their practice habits with little success? Mary Nunaley shares a book she found that may have you re- thinking the process of change in Review: Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. Although Mary is not a piano teacher, she is an educator and small business owner who is always looking to improve things.

Parent Perspective

Parent Perspective is new this month. I would love to see it become a regular column, but I'll need your help to make that happen. Read the thoughts of one of the parents in my studio. Will you be surprised at what is important to her.

Declutter, De-Stress, Get Organized

Is studio clutter stressing you out? Why not take some time this summer to finally develop some systems that keep your studio clutter free? I have some suggestions in Declutter, De-Stress, Get Organized!

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