Issue 57 - June 2018

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Make Your Studio "Pop" with Pop Music

You are probably familiar with Jennifer Eklund (on the cover) and her publishing company, Piano Pronto. But are you aware that Jennifer has begun a new venture? Publishing under the pen name Francesca Marzolino, you can now purchase many arrangements of popular music that have been arranged by Jennifer. Learn more about F.M. Sheet Music and Jennifer's plans when you read Make Your Studio "Pop" with Pop Music.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz shares more improv ideas (another fun way to spend the summer!) in his column Play to Learn: Let's Play! This month he tackles the question faced by all new improvisers - what do I play?

Pop Music and Its Place in Traditional Music

But maybe you are not sure "pop" music has a place in your studio. Michael Stegner addresses this issue and more in his contribution this month, Pop Music and It's Place in Traditional Lessons. If you are not familiar with Michael, he is a teacher, performer, blogger and composer who runs a thriving studio on the west coast. If you don't already follow his blog posts, you will want to add them to your 'must read' list of blogs!

Review: Teach Pop Music (Mini-Course)

If you are ready to add pop music to your studio but really do not know how or where to start, then you will want to read my review of Kyle McKenna's course on getting started teaching pop. You can learn more about the course and my thoughts on it in Review: Teach Pop Piano (Mini-Course). If you are as busy as I am, you will appreciate the way Kyle focuses on the essentials in this course and stays away from fluff. And you'll also love the price!

Managing the Disrespectful Student

Have you ever had a challenging student? Maybe even one you felt was disrespectful? Read my perspective on the situation — in Managing the Disrespectful Student. Maybe your life (both in the studio and out) will be easier after reading it.

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