The Wizard in Winter | Winter / Christmas Piano Solo for Early Intermediate

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LEVEL Early Intermediate
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The Wizard in Winter evokes a magical scene as the left hand plays a flowing pattern while the right hand contrasts with a mixture of chords, step-wise movements and written out mordants. Part of the piece is played an octave higher than written and the end is played two octaves higher, almost reaching the top of the piano! 

Pianists can follow the dynamics, articulation marks and finger numbers while working on maintaining five finger hand positions, coordination and balance between hands.

This original piece is suitable for children and adults of any age and can be used to help build technique, expand repertoire, perform in recitals or learn for fun.

The duration of this piece is around 1 minute 20 and is 3 pages.

Catherine lives in a small rural village in Shropshire, England and has over 25 years experience teaching piano.  Since completing her Master’s Degree specialising in composition, Catherine has chosen to compose in a lyrical minimalist style in order for her pieces to be both educational and relaxing.

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