Violin Fishy Notes Game
Violin Fishy Notes Game
Violin Fishy Notes Game

Violin Fishy Notes Game

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Need a game to help your violin students practice their notes on the violin? This game is perfect for students to memorize and learn where each note goes on the fingerboard. I have made this game in a way that you can make so many games out of just one download. You can play some of the following with just this resource.

Memory Matching game


Go Fish

Violin Fishy Board Game (which includes many variations)

Any card game

Or even make up your own game!


Sometimes I find that my students love a certain game and theme but playing the same exact game over and over, or just printing a whole bunch of games is sometimes not efficient. So I decided I wanted something that I could mix up and create so many fun ways to play without a whole bunch of preparing and printing! 

Contains all notes in first position including 4th finger! Also includes sharps and flats.

Has very easy set up!