What Mode is this Piece In Workflow

What Mode is this Piece In Workflow

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Sometimes when teaching a piece of music, you may realise that the notes don’t seem to align with

the key signature. You may also notice that it doesn’t sound quite major or minor. Chances are that

the piece is in a mode.

A mode is just a set of notes (or scale) used to compose music and there are 7 different types with

Ionian = Major Scale and Aeolian = Natural Minor Scale.

How do you know which mode the piece is written in? Just follow this workflow and I’ll show you

exactly how to work out the mode for any piece.

*Keep in mind that this process relies on the lowest starting note in the LH being the tonic note of

the mode. This isn’t always going to be the case, but will be in 9/10 cases.

Find out more about modes at timtopham.com/modes.

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