Find the Treasure | Bass Line Notes | Interactive Digital Music Game
Find the Treasure | Bass Line Notes | Interactive Digital Music Game

Find the Treasure | Bass Line Notes | Interactive Digital Music Game

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Perfect for distance learning, students will be leading the pirate to the treasure as they answer the correct line notes in the bass clef. Be careful though! If they answer too quickly and incorrectly, the game and treasure hunt starts all over!


This is a super quick game perfect bass clef line note reading review and assessment. Play it at the end of a lesson, as a brain break or assign it to students to play at home or during a music lab.


Play online or offline. Available as Google Slides, PowerPoint, Interactive PDF or have students scan the QR Code! To understand these options more fully, please watch the 1st video tutorial in this blog post.


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Teaching online?

1) Have the student scan the QR code on a separate device then the one they are zooming on.

2) Send them the link in the chat to the game (you will get the link when you open up the game from the READ FIRST PDF file). Then they screen share so you can see them play. (You will need to use a platform that allows you to screen share. In Zoom, you will need to change your permissions to allow the to screen share to you)

3) Send them the QR code or link to play at home later.


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